Hearing protection

Hearing protection
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1113 Helmet-attachable earmuff

EN 352 leather-ribbed PVC pillow adjustable shaft length yellow color..

1114 Earmuff

EN 352 leather-ribbed PVC pillow adjustable head width, padded head-strap yellow color weight:..

1115 Earmuff

EN 352 leather-ribbed PVC pillow adjustable collapsible head width yellow color weight: 238 g ..

1116 Peltor Optime I. earmuff

EN 352 SNR 27dB diverse and specially light thin profile, large depth easily combinable with o..

1118 Peltor Optime I. earmuff

EN 352 helmet fitted edition SNR 26 dB..

1119 Peltor Optime II. earmuff

EN 352 the vent-channel is mixed with liquid and foam highly comfortable to wear it’s recommende..

1120 Peltor Optime III. earmuff

EN 352 this product is the most suitable for extreme noise-pollution rarely good in screening the ..

1121 Peltor Alert earmuff with AM/FM radio

EN 352 compatible with CD or MP3 player and mobile phone short flexible antenna excellent line c..

1122 Declan Soft earplug

EN 352 rounded, flexible, roller shape soft, polyurethane foam easily shapeable get to its ori..

1123 Declan Soft earplug with lace

EN 352 with lace editon packed: 200pair/boksz..

1126 Impact earmuff

EN 352 electrician noise removal and sound set-up stereo microphone setting and making the sounds ..

1127 Impact Sport Earmuff

EN 352 THIN EARMUFF FOR SHOOTERS professional earmuff for skeet sport-shooting reduce the noises..

1128 Radio HV earmuff

EN 352 good visibility earmuff inbuilt AM/FM radio and AUX input, MP3 player and else audio tools ..

1129 Cool II hygienic pillow

sweat hygroscopic earmuff protect pillow skin sparing fabric high hygroscopic ability comforta..

1130 Stocking

cotton stocking flexible, easy to put on the earmuff remove the sweat in warm atmosphere provi..