Fall prevention

Fall prevention
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B102/Z2 Fullbody harness

adjustable-length thigh and cross-belt;polyester body harness;the shoulder-system fixable with buckl..

FA10 Retractable type fall arrester

housing is made of synthetic material with a structure resistant to mechanical shocks and to tempera..

K1 Rope

woven PE rope, polyamide sewing thread, static; diameter of 12 mm; total length of 165 cm with light..

K2 Connector

galvanized steel; galvanized steel locking gate; steel spring; total length of 130 mm, maximum widt..

K3 Connector

aluminium; locking gate in steel , steel spring; total length of 360 mm, maximum width of 190 mm; o..

K4 Connector

oval shape steel connector; with aluminium screw nut and steel rivets; total length of 108 mm; break..